Attention Maddendaddy Members & Commissioners:

Thank you once again for the support you have shown our website and community since our inception at the start of Madden '13. We have grown in numbers that we couldn't even expect and the demand for Online Commissioners Tools has expanded to more sports titles across the gaming world. We have officially moved the website for the release of Madden 25 and are happy to announce that the new site will also offer League Websites, Stats, Forums and more for MLB, NBA & NCAA on top of the Madden Franchise. The new website is located @ and I strongly encourage all of you to visit the site, your current Maddendaddy login info still works over there! Check it out and get acclimated!

Now for a bit of bad news... While we understand that some leagues and members will not be purchasing Madden 25 for PS3/360 and will be waiting to kick their leagues off on next gen consoles we do have a large demand for current gen Madden 25 leagues and look to adhere to their wish! will be available for Madden 25 leagues only... Current gen and next gen. If you are still running a Madden '13 league off your league will still be able to access your page thru the end of September. As of October 1st will be removed from the inter webs and your Madden '13 leagues will no longer be accessible. served a great purpose to Owners and Commissioners for Madden '13 but after running for 13 months we will be shutting it down. We appreciate all the support everyone showed us in Madden '13 and hope to continue the relationships we've built with you all as we transition to the new website! Madden 25 leagues have hit the ground running and things are really gaining momentum on the new site... Come See For Yourself!